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As a Salesforce Admin, you possess a wealth of knowledge, creative skills, and expertise that can benefit others within the Salesforce ecosystem. And what better way to share that knowledge than through audiobooks – a platform that allows you to teach and inspire others while earning some extra income?

With the growing popularity of audiobooks, there has never been a better time to start creating your own. You can showcase your expertise and reach a broader audience in a convenient and easily accessible format.

Whether you want to share with beginners or advanced Salesforce users, audiobooks provide an exciting opportunity to connect and collaborate with others in your field and enhance their understanding of Salesforce concepts and solutions. Plus, sharing your expertise will help establish your reputation as a thought leader and boost your professional growth.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of unlocking your earning potential as a Salesforce Admin by creating and recording audiobooks. We’ll also recommend a few products, tools, and apps to help you start your side hustle. So, sit back, grab a coffee, and dive in!

Why Creating and Recording Audiobooks Is a Great Side Hustle for Salesforce Admins

The Need for Professional Development in the Salesforce Community

Grow your personal brand: Salesforce Admins as audiobook authors

As the Salesforce platform continues to evolve and expand, the demand for professionals with expertise in the platform is increasing. However, it’s not just staying up-to-date with the latest features and tools that are important. Salesforce professionals also need ongoing professional development to keep their skills sharp and relevant to their current roles.

Employers are also seeking professionals with diverse job skills and experience. According to most hiring managers, Salesforce professionals with expertise in other related areas, such as marketing automation or project management, are in high demand.

The good news is that there are plenty of resources for Salesforce professionals looking to improve their skills and broaden their expertise. Countless options are available, from official Salesforce certifications to online training courses and webinars.

However, as with businesses in any field, some resources are more effective than others. That’s why it’s essential to make good money now, to carefully evaluate the resources available and choose the ones that will provide the most value for your time and money.

As a Salesforce Admin, you already have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the platform. Why not leverage that knowledge to help others while earning extra bucks? Creating articles and recording audiobooks on Salesforce-related topics allows you to share your expertise with others while building your personal brand and making passive income.

Boost your income as a Salesforce Admin with audiobook recordings

How Audiobooks Can Revolutionize Learning for Salesforce Professionals

Suppose you are a Salesforce professional looking to get new skills, expand your knowledge and earn extra money online. In that case, audiobooks may be an accessible and convenient way to achieve these goals.

With the busy schedules and demands of work and family life, finding the time and energy to sit down and read books or attend in-person classes can be challenging. However, audiobooks offer the flexibility to learn while driving, exercising, or doing household chores.

In addition to convenience, audiobooks can also provide a more immersive and engaging learning experience. Many people find it easier to retain information and concepts when they can hear them spoken out loud and follow along with examples and case studies.

Audiobooks can also offer a different perspective or approach to topics you may already be familiar with, helping you learn and grow in new ways.

Moreover, with the rise of technology and digital platforms, creating and publishing audiobooks has become easier. You don’t need a professional studio or expensive equipment to record your content. Various tools, websites, and apps can help you record and edit audio files.

An Accessible and Convenient Way to Learn and Grow as a Salesforce Professional

Become a Salesforce audiobook author and monetize your expertise

As a Salesforce professional, you know the value of continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. However, finding the time and resources to attend training sessions or read books can be difficult. That’s where audiobooks come in as a game-changer.

Audiobooks provide an accessible and convenient way for Salesforce professionals to learn and grow. With audiobooks, you can listen to expert insights, tips, and tricks while on the go or doing other tasks. You no longer have to set aside a specific time to sit down and read a book; audiobooks allow you to multitask and see ways to make money with the most of your time.

Audiobooks are also a great option for learners who struggle with reading or learning. By listening to audiobooks, you can retain information more efficiently and process complex topics at a pace that works for you.

By creating your audiobooks, you not only have the opportunity to teach others and share your knowledge and creativity, but you can also earn additional income. Start with topics you know well and create engaging, informative content relevant to your audience.

With today’s technology, creating audiobooks has never been easier. Apps like Audacity, Zencastr, and ACX allow you to record, edit, and distribute audiobooks to a global audience. With time and effort, you can create an audiobook that will benefit yourself, your clients, and others in the Salesforce community.

Sharing Your Expertise – The Value of Teaching Others

As a Salesforce admin, you know your way around the platform like nobody’s business. You have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. So why not share that with others and earn some extra money on the side?

By creating and recording your audiobooks, you have a few options you can earn cash, teach others what you know and help them grow in their careers. Not only is it financially rewarding to make money, but it’s also incredibly fulfilling to see others benefit from your insights and expertise.

But the value of teaching others doesn’t stop there. Sharing your knowledge and experiences with others also helps you grow and improve professionally. By teaching others, you are forced to think critically about the processes and procedures you use every day and refine your strategies. This can only make you a better Salesforce admin in the long run.

Furthermore, by adding to the collective knowledge base of companies in the Salesforce community, you are helping to foster a culture of sharing and collaboration. This creates a positive feedback loop where everyone contributes and benefits from one another, leading to better outcomes for the company and all involved.

How to Get Started With Creating and Recording Audiobooks:

Recording audiobooks to share expertise with fellow Salesforce professionals

Creating and Recording Quality Audiobooks: Tools and Resources You’ll Need

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and start recording your audiobooks? Great choice! Audiobooks are a booming industry, and with the rise of remote work and distance learning, the demand for them is higher than ever.

But what tools and resources do you need to create your schedule and record quality audiobooks? Let’s dive in.


First and foremost, you’ll need a quality microphone. This is the most essential tool in your arsenal, as the sound quality of your recordings will hinge on it. Some popular options include the Blue Yeti, Shure SM7B, and Audio-Technica AT2020. Make sure to research and read reviews before making your purchase.

In addition to a microphone, you’ll also need headphones to monitor your recordings. Closed-back headphones are recommended to provide better sound isolation and prevent bleed-through from your microphone.


Next up, you’ll need software to record and edit your audiobooks. Audacity is a free, open-source option that’s popular among audiobook creators. It’s user-friendly and has many features, including noise reduction and equalization tools.

If you’re willing to spend some money, Adobe Audition is a professional-grade option with more advanced features. Many professional audiobook narrators use it, and it has a steeper learning curve.

Room Setup

Creating a high-quality audiobook also requires attention to your recording environment. Find a quiet, clutter-free room with minimal echo and ambient noise. Hang blankets or acoustic panels to help absorb any unwanted sound reflections. Remember, the less post-production work you must do, the better your audiobook will sound.


You might find a few other tools and resources helpful in creating and recording audiobooks.

Here are a few:

  • A pop filter can help reduce popping sounds when you say “p” or “b” sounds.
  • A mic stand will help reduce handling noise and stabilize your microphone during recordings.
  • A script: Writing out your audiobook ahead of time can help ensure a smooth recording process.

Top Record and Editing Software and Apps for Audiobook Creation

Are you ready to share your Salesforce knowledge and earn extra money through audiobook creation? The next step is to find the right software or app that fits your company’s goals and needs for recording and editing. Here are some of the most popular choices:


This user-friendly app is perfect for those who are new to recording. Descript is an all-in-one tool that allows you to record and edit audio in one place. It includes transcription, background noise reduction, and even AI voice cloning. Plus, it’s available on both Mac and PC.


For those who prefer more advanced audio editing software, Audacity is a great choice. It’s free, open-source software that’s been around for over 20 years. Audacity includes a wide range of features like noise reduction, equalization, and spectral analysis.


If you’re an Apple user, Garageband is already installed on your computer. This is a great choice for beginners and those who want a simple interface. Garageband includes features like built-in equalizers, reverbs, and pitch correction.

Adobe Audition

This is professional-level audio editing software from the creators of Photoshop. Adobe Audition is ideal for advanced users who need more complex editing tools. It includes multi-track recording, audio restoration, and advanced spectral editing.

Choose the right software or app that fits your needs and budget. With these tools, you’ll have everything you need to create audiobooks.




Editing videos is challenging, time-consuming, and frustrating. You have to learn new software and then figure out how to use that software to edit your videos.

Most people don’t even bother editing their videos because it’s too complicated and takes too much time. As a result, they end up with low-quality videos that don’t represent their company well.

Descript makes video editing easy. With their simple drag-and-drop interface, you can edit your videos just like a Google Doc. Plus, they offer free training tutorials to get started immediately.

Use my affiliate link below to start a FREE trial, and you’ll quickly realize why I love Descript!

Choosing Engaging and Relevant Audiobook Topics

Choosing the right topic for your audiobook is no easy feat. It requires carefully considering your skills and experience and deeply understanding your audience’s needs and interests. Your goal as a Salesforce Admin should be to create an audiobook that showcases your expertise and engages and inspires your listeners.

Selecting an engaging and relevant topic is crucial for your success.

Attract the Right Audience

One of the first steps when creating an audiobook is identifying your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? What are their pain points, challenges, and aspirations? The more specific you can be, the better. By selecting an engaging and relevant topic, you can attract the right audience and build a loyal following of listeners eager to learn from you.

Establish Your Expertise

Your audiobook is your opportunity to position yourself as an expert. Choosing to write about a topic that aligns with your skills and experience allows you to showcase your knowledge and provide value to your listeners. As a Salesforce Admin, you have unique insights into the world of CRM, data management, and business operations, and your audiobook can help others learn from your expertise.

Audiobooks for Salesforce Admins: Sharing knowledge, boosting income

Create Valuable Content

Your listeners’ time is valuable; they expect to gain something valuable from your audiobook. By selecting an engaging and relevant topic, you can create content that is both informative and entertaining. You want to inspire your listeners to take action, whether implementing a new CRM strategy, improving customer service, or gaining a deeper understanding of the latest Salesforce updates. Your audiobook can value your listeners and help them achieve their goals.

Choosing an engaging and relevant topic for your audiobook is a critical step toward unlocking your earning potential. By attracting the right audience, establishing your expertise, and creating valuable content, you can create an audiobook that helps others learn from your experience while earning extra money. Use online resources like Audible and ACX to get started and leverage your knowledge and skills to create content that inspires and educates your listeners.

Tips for Creating a Successful Audiobook as a Salesforce Admin

Salesforce Admins expanding their income through audiobooks

Creating Engaging and Motivating Content

Congratulations on taking the first step toward creating your audiobook! Now that you have decided to share your knowledge and expertise with others, the next step is to structure your content to keep listeners engaged and motivated throughout the entire listening experience. 

Here are some tips to make money selling it online and help you create an audiobook that will capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more:

1. Start with a hook: Like a good book or movie, your audiobook needs an attention-grabbing introduction to hook your listeners immediately. Think about what question, idea, or problem your audiobook will address, and find a way to introduce it to make your listeners curious and excited to learn more.

2. Break it down: Chances are, your audiobook will cover much information. To prevent overwhelming your listeners, break your content down into manageable chunks. Use clear and concise headings to break up each section, and consider using anecdotes or stories to illustrate your points and keep things interesting.

3. Inject personality: The beauty of audiobooks is that they allow listeners to hear your voice and personality. Use this to your advantage by injecting humor, enthusiasm, and personal anecdotes into your content. Not only will this make your audiobook more engaging, but it will also help you connect with your listeners on a more personal level.

Recording audiobooks: A new income stream for Salesforce Admins

4. Use analogies: To help your listeners understand complex topics, try using metaphors to explain complicated concepts. By comparing new ideas to things your listeners are already familiar with, you can make it easier for them to grasp new concepts and, more importantly, keep them motivated to learn more.

5. End with a call to action: End your audiobook with a call to action. Whether you decide that you want listeners to sign up for an online course to get paid more, subscribe to your newsletter to get paid more or leave a review of your audiobook on a platform like Audible, make sure to give them a clear action to take so that they can continue to benefit from your expertise.

By following these tips, you can create an audiobook that shares your knowledge and expertise and engages and motivates listeners to apply it in their lives. So what are you waiting for? Start recording today and unlock your earning potential by making money online through audiobooks!

Speak Up and Stand Out: Importance of Speaking Clearly and Using Engaging Tone and Cadence

Salesforce Admin building their personal brand through audiobooks

When recording your audiobook, it’s not just about the content you provide – it’s also about how you present it. As a Salesforce admin, you have extensive knowledge and expertise that you want to share with others. You must speak clearly and use an engaging tone and cadence to ensure your audiobook is easily understood and captivating.

Speaking means that you articulate every word and syllable correctly. This is important for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that your audience can easily understand what you are saying, especially if they are not native English speakers or have hearing difficulties. Secondly, it helps to make your audiobook sound more professional and polished. Your audience will recognize the effort you put into producing high-quality content and will be more likely to value it.

In addition to clear pronunciation, it’s vital to use an engaging tone and cadence. The tone of your voice sets the mood for the audiobook and creates an emotional connection with your audience. You are relatable and approachable when you use a friendly and conversational tone. This makes it easier for your audience to engage with the material and builds trust and rapport with them.

Cadence refers to the rhythm and pacing of your speech. Varying your cadence adds interest and helps to maintain your audience’s attention. When you change your speed and tone of voice, you add emphasis, create excitement, or indicate important points. A constant, monotone voice can quickly become tedious and lead to your audience losing interest.

How to Market and Promote Your Audiobook to the Salesforce Community

Monetize your Salesforce skills with audiobook recordings

Now that you have created your audiobook, the next step is marketing and promoting it. Promoting your audiobook is crucial to reach and grow your audience. Here are some marketing tips to help you get started:

1. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your audiobook. You can share snippets from your audiobook on social media presence, create eye-catching graphics with quotes from your audiobook, or run a paid campaign to target your audience. Identifying the most popular social media channels the Salesforce community uses is essential. LinkedIn and Twitter are great platforms to reach the Salesforce community.

2. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is another powerful marketing tool that can help you promote your audiobook to the Salesforce community. You can leverage your email list, if any, to share information about your new audiobook launch. Craft compelling email content and headlines encouraging the receiver to check out your audiobook.

3. Use Salesforce Blogs

Salesforce has hundreds of blogs with thousands of subscribers. You can leverage these blogs to promote your audiobook. Contact Salesforce customers and blog owners to ask if they can feature your audiobook. Study and research to identify the Salesforce blog that aligns with the content and focus of your audiobook.

4. Use Podcasts

Podcasts are another incredible marketing tool to promote your audiobook. You can contact Salesforce-focused podcasts and ask to appear as a guest and discuss your audiobook. This will help you reach your Target audience and establish you as an authority in your field.

Share your Salesforce knowledge through audiobooks and earn extra money


Recording audiobooks are great for sharing your Salesforce admin knowledge and expertise. You can create a high-quality product that will engage listeners using clear speech, engaging tones, and varying cadences. However, it’s not enough to produce the content; marketing and promotion are key to unlocking your earning potential as a Salesforce Admin.

Leveraging social media platforms, email campaigns, blogging opportunities on Salesforce sites, and podcasts are all effective ways to promote your work to the community. With these tips in mind, you should be able to reach success quickly!

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