7 Reasons to Start a Salesforce Blog in 2023

7 Reasons to Start A Salesforce Blog

This post is PART 1 of my series on How To Earn Extra Money Online As A Salesforce Blogger.

Have you ever dreamed of making extra income based on your passion for Salesforce? Not only is starting a new venture an excellent way to supplement your income but doing something that you find both intriguing and fulfilling can bring immense satisfaction.

With the increasing complexity of the Salesforce ecosystem, Admins are in high demand for their experience and expertise – so why not start a blog dedicated to all things Salesforce?

If you’ve been considering launching a blog but weren’t sure where to begin or what kind of content would best engage readers, then keep reading! In this post, we’ll discuss why having a Salesforce-themed blog for Salesforce professionals can lead you toward earning extra money online through your website.

7 Reasons To Start A Salesforce Blog In 2023

Showcase Your Salesforce Expertise

Showcase your expertise in Salesforce and build a profitable side hustle by expressing your knowledge through blogging! You can share the tips, tricks, and strategies you’ve learned along the way and demonstrate your understanding of the Salesforce platform, which could open up more opportunities for you in the future.

A blog dedicated to Salesforce can be a great way to engage with other community members and build relationships that might eventually lead to collaborative work or paid opportunities. Whether your expertise is in NPSP, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or Service Cloud, you can start an online business through your blog as a Salesforce professional.

You’ll also be able to promote yourself within the Salesforce Ohana as an authority on Salesforce topics, helping you gain recognition within the industry. Additionally, by writing high-quality content related to Salesforce technology and topics, you can position yourself as a thought leader with valuable insight into current trends and topics. 

On top of all that, having a blog can help create additional income streams – directly through affiliate marketing or selling products or services related to your blog posts – or indirectly by helping increase your visibility with your target audience when potential employers or potential clients research you online.



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What’s more, if your blog gets readers’ attention, there may be opportunities for sponsored posts where companies will offer money for sponsored content featuring their products or services. 

Overall, starting a blog devoted to cloud software like Salesforce is an excellent option for showcasing your expertise while generating extra income. With dedication and commitment to creating quality content, it won’t take long before your blog draws the attention of readers and potential employers – putting you one step closer to achieving success with your new online business.

7 Reasons To Start A Salesforce Blog In 2023

Build Credibility and Your Brand

Launching a blog centered around Salesforce can be an exceptional game-changer – it’ll boost your income and set the stage for you as a professional in this field. Creating content as a Salesforce professional will help you establish yourself as an expert in the industry and give you a platform to showcase your knowledge and skills and even sell your own products. 

By writing about Salesforce topics, you can become a respected authority on the subject, which could help your Salesforce career path and lead to more money down the road. Since new people are always trying to learn Salesforce, having an online presence with a blog is also great for networking.

You can connect with other Salesforce professionals and learn from them while giving back through engaging content. Many people who have blogs have also experienced increased brand recognition as they are featured in various publications or online forums. 

In terms of monetizing your blog, there are many ways to generate additional income through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and other businesses.

Various tools are also available to measure website traffic, track user engagement and traffic to your online store and determine where ad placements should go for a higher return on investment (ROI). With a dedicated audience for your online business, brands may even be willing to pay for exclusive access to your blog to use it as advertisement space for their products or services. This can help you make even more money online while helping these companies reach their target audience.

Operating a Salesforce-focused blog can be an effective means to generate extra income and establish yourself as a trusted expert in the industry. It can be an invaluable tool for career advancement, whether landing consulting gigs, getting recruited by top companies, starting other online businesses, selling online courses, or making yourself more marketable when applying for positions. Furthermore, with hard work and dedication, many bloggers can eventually turn their hobby into their full-time job and expand to other online platforms!

7 Reasons To Start A Salesforce Blog In 2023

Sell Digital Products or Services From Your Online Store

Establishing a blog devoted to Salesforce is an ideal way to generate additional income by selling digital products or services. With the increasing demand for cloud-based solutions, there is an ever-growing need for businesses to access and use Salesforce’s platform. This is an excellent opportunity to create digital products you can sell online in your store.

On any given week, Salesforce Admins can spot multiple custom products that can benefit Salesforce professionals. Make the most of these opportunities to create and sell custom products for your Salesforce peers.

Leveraging a Salesforce-themed blog is an effective way to capitalize on the current trend and quickly earn extra money online through selling related items or services. It can also increase your online store or consulting business awareness and help you brand yourself as an expert. 

One advantage of selling digital products or services through a blog is that it requires minimal overhead costs. You won’t need to invest in physical space or resources like servers, which can be expensive and time-consuming to set up. You also don’t need to spend money on marketing materials or labor costs like printing, shipping, or customer service staff. All you need is the right technology and know-how to leverage it effectively to make money online. 

Additionally, setting up a Salesforce-focused blog can help you make money by targeting specific audiences with relevant content. As your business grows, a well-thought-out content strategy will help you craft meaningful messages that draw in new customers and convince them that your product or service is the best solution for their needs. This targeted approach will also ensure that readers view your posts as trustworthy sources, boosting your credibility as an expert in the field while turning readers into customers. 

Finally, having a blog gives you more control over how you interact with customers than other platforms, such as social media sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. With these sites, customer comments are visible and public, meaning anyone can see them – regardless of whether they are relevant customers. By hosting all conversations within your domain – i.e., on your blog – you have complete control over who sees what conversations take place between clients and prospects, making it easier to manage customers while protecting customer privacy at the same time. 

Launching a blog centered around Salesforce is an enriching financial and professional experience. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on the booming demand for cloud solutions while simultaneously creating more sources of income. All in all, it’s a win-win situation!

The low overhead costs combined with targeted messaging strategies make it ideal for businesses seeking an effective way to increase their visibility while simultaneously creating more meaningful customer relationships.

7 Reasons To Start A Salesforce Blog In 2023

Generate Leads & Build Relationships For Your Online Business

Launching a blog dedicated to Salesforce is an excellent way to grow your network, bring in leads and nurture relationships with potential customers. Creating value content can attract more leads and prospects interested in learning about Salesforce and its offerings.

When you produce quality content related to Salesforce, other Trailblazers will be more likely to learn about your blog and follow it. This allows you to establish yourself as an expert in the field who can help them solve their problems. Furthermore, these followers can turn into customers who use your services or purchase products from your online business. 

You can also use blogging as an effective lead-generation tool by providing readers with valuable content they should check out or sign up for. For example, if you have an ebook or webinar related to Salesforce topics, you can include links at the end of each post that lead back to those resources so readers can easily find them and take action. This is an excellent way to capture leads from visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer. 

Blogging also allows you to build relationships with potential customers by responding to comments and engaging with them on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. With each interaction, the connection between you and your prospects grows stronger, leading them further down the funnel toward becoming customers. 

In conclusion, starting a Salesforce-themed blog is a great way to generate leads and build relationships with potential customers interested in learning more about this platform. By creating content that provides value and offering resources such as ebooks and webinars, you’ll be able to capture more leads who might later become paying customers. Plus, engaging with readers on social media platforms allows for further connections that could eventually result in sales.

7 Reasons To Start A Salesforce Blog In 2023

Connect With Other Salesforce Admins

Establishing a blog with Salesforce as the focus can be an excellent way to increase your income and build relationships with fellow Salesforce Admins. There are many advantages to learning from the experiences of other Salesforce Admins. It can help you become a better administrator and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry.

One of the main benefits of having a blog is that it allows admins to share their experiences with other users. By reading posts written by experienced salesforce professionals, you can quickly learn tips and tricks to help you become more efficient. In addition, you can gain insight into how others have used different features of Salesforce, which can provide valuable ideas for implementing new solutions or improving existing ones.

Another great benefit of connecting with other administrators via a blog is that it allows you to establish yourself as an authority in the field. When people read your blog posts, they will see you have experience and knowledge about your topic. This could open doors for opportunities such as speaking engagements or consulting jobs. Furthermore, having a solid network within the Salesforce Admin community gives you access to potential job opportunities in case you ever want to switch positions or industries.

Additionally, blogging can also be beneficial for keeping up with recent developments and changes in the Salesforce environment. Posts written by experienced admin bloggers usually address new features or updates before they even hit the market. So, staying current on what’s happening in the industry becomes much easier when reading these blogs regularly. 

Finally, creating a blog about your area of expertise can serve as an outlet to express yourself creatively while engaging with others who share similar interests. 

If writing appeals to you, then sharing your knowledge through blogging may be an enjoyable pastime with numerous practical applications like increasing visibility within the community and earning extra income.

7 Reasons To Start A Salesforce Blog In 2023

Give Back to the Salesforce Community

Launching your blog is the perfect option if you’re searching for an effortless way to impact the Salesforce community and earn extra money. The Salesforce platform is used by millions of businesses and organizations worldwide, meaning your blog has an incredible potential audience. By sharing your knowledge and experience with others in this space, you can help others to utilize their Salesforce setup better, creating more value for them and ultimately helping to grow their business.

The Salesforce platform is potent and complex, meaning it can take weeks or even months for users to get up to speed on how to use it correctly. By offering helpful tips, tricks, and best practices on your blog, you can save users time and help them bring greater efficiency into their operations.

Plus, with the wide range of products that Salesforce offers—from marketing automation tools to customer relationship management (CRM) software—there are plenty of topics you can cover on your blog that can be helpful for anyone who uses the platform in any capacity.

Beyond providing value through helpful content, giving back to the community also provides other benefits. Creating relationships with other professionals in the space who might need what you’re offering can be incredibly beneficial.

You may even find yourself being recommended by others if they find value in working with you or hearing about what you offer due to seeing your blog posts in action. Additionally, having an active engagement within the community also helps demonstrate that you’re up-to-date with current trends and technologies, making it more likely that people will trust your opinion when it comes time for them to make decisions related to their business needs. 

Ultimately, starting a blog focused on giving back to the Salesforce community is a great way to make some extra income while also providing immense value at the same time. 

You have an opportunity to share valuable information that helps other professionals become more efficient with their usage of Salesforce products, and you also build relationships with other professionals in the same space that can potentially lead to further business opportunities.

7 Reasons To Start A Salesforce Blog In 2023

Earn Extra Money Through Passive Income

Share your expertise on Salesforce and start building passive income streams. Blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate your industry knowledge while providing a lucrative source of extra money!

In addition, you will be able to engage in meaningful content creation that can help educate others in the industry. By blogging about Salesforce topics, knowledge and insights can be shared with a broader audience, allowing for more growth opportunities for professionals within the space.

Passive income can be generated through several different methods on a Salesforce-themed blog. For example, the blog could include affiliate links from partners like Amazon or other retailers. Advertising space could also be sold on the blog, offering an additional income source. Additionally, providing online courses, services, or products related to Salesforce could effectively monetize the blog. This could include e-books or webinars featuring tutorials and step-by-step instructions on using various aspects of Salesforce technology.

Another way you can generate passive income through your blog is by providing consulting services or tutoring sessions related to the platform’s capabilities and toolsets. Finally, consider creating digital products like video courses or hosting live webinars that provide detailed information on specific aspects of Salesforce technology. 

Given all these potential methods of creating passive income through a Salesforce-themed blog, it’s easy to see why having one is such an attractive option for those looking to make some extra money while also helping others in their field further their knowledge and understanding of critical concepts related to the platform.

To learn more about turning your Salesforce blog into a money machine, click here to read Part 2 of this series: Nine Ways To Earn Extra Money As A Salesforce Blogger.


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