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Bonnie worked as a Salesforce Admin at Delightful Dining, Inc. for several years. When she first started, Bonnie was thrilled to be part of the team and felt lucky to have such an exciting job. But over time, Bonnie realized that her end users were constantly complaining about how cluttered and confusing the screens were in Salesforce – it was hard for them to use it effectively, and they ended up using spreadsheets instead. This caused significant headaches whenever the manager needed to review pipeline reports since the data quality wasn’t reliable. 

Seeing this challenge, Bonnie decided to speak with her end users one-on-one to identify which aspects of the screens were causing frustration or distraction. She then took all their feedback into account. She made necessary changes: removing any visual clutter from the screen, reorganizing fields, and creating helpful shortcuts so people could quickly find what they needed without having to dig through long lists of options repeatedly. Finally, once everything was ready – Bonnie relaunched Salesforce for her team with great excitement! 

The results were immediate: user adoption improved significantly as everyone found it much easier now that things weren’t so cluttered or intimidating anymore; plus, data quality also improved significantly since there weren’t any more spreadsheet issues getting in the way either! Everyone on Bonnie’s team was thrilled – especially when they saw how quickly these changes had been implemented, thanks to her quick thinking skills! 

Since then, sales performance has soared higher than ever at Delightful Dining Inc., thanks in no small part to Bonnie’s fantastic work!

Do You Need to Simplify Your Salesforce Screens?

Are you a Salesforce admin looking for ways to improve the user experience in your Salesforce org?

It’s no surprise that streamlined and simple UIs make users happy. As an admin, it is up to you to ensure that the UI remains uncluttered and understandable for everyone who uses it.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best methods for simplifying the user interface (UI) in Salesforce – so that end users can access all their data quickly and without confusion. We’ll dig into how admins can use custom objects, reports, dashboards, and other features within Salesforce to make navigation easier! Let’s get started!



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Why Bother Simplifying the UI of Salesforce?

As a Salesforce Admin, you should never forget that the platform you manage affects everyone using it. That’s why simplifying the Salesforce UI can significantly benefit your end users and the business.

End-user adoption of the platform increases when they can use an interface with no unnecessary or too complex features. You will also be able to collect better data from your users since complicated interfaces won’t hinder inputs.

And if done correctly, we don’t need to mention the extra money that a straightforward, manageable interface saves your company — allowing bigger ROIs from Salesforce investments. So there are plenty of reasons you should always strive to simplify your UI!

How to Identify the Changes the Team Needs

Analyze user feedback

As a Salesforce Admin, it’s essential to design and maintain the UI and analyze user feedback to ensure your users have an enjoyable experience with Salesforce. Results don’t come without regularly talking with users to clear up whatever sticking points or missteps they may encounter. Taking user feedback should be a part of your routine – not only does it help you spot areas for improvement, but it demonstrates how much you care about their success!

Identify unused or low-value fields

As a Salesforce Admin, one of your primary goals is ensuring the system contains only applicable fields and data. To help achieve this goal, review each field to see if it is being used or if the value it provides to end users is limited. You can then work towards removing any unused or low-value fields from the system. This will help people find what they need more quickly and easily and give them higher-quality data to work with in the long run.

Analyze user behavior

As an Admin, checking in with your users from time to time is essential. This can help you better understand how they’re using the system and identify any areas of the UI that might be causing issues or taking too long to navigate. A friendly, open-minded approach will make your users comfortable disclosing such information. Then you can start exploring ways to make targeted improvements that benefit everyone involved.

Streamline complex processes

As a Salesforce Admin, it’s our job to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. We have the power to audit even the most complex processes, looking for places we can simplify or streamline. By reducing the number of required fields or using default values, we can make Account creation smoother, faster, and better organized. With attention to detail and an eye for optimization, we Admins are on the front lines of making sure Salesforce remains one of the best in its class!

Regularly review and update the UI

To ensure that Salesforce is always running at its best, admins should create a system of regularly reviewing and updating the UI. This requires doing user surveys to understand how people interact with the platform and taking note of any areas that could be simplified or improved. Similarly, admins must stay on top of new features and best practices in Salesforce to ensure their UI remains up-to-date with the latest advancements. By setting aside dedicated time for this review and maintenance, admins can help keep their Salesforce environment productive, efficient, and customized to their users’ needs!


As a Salesforce Admin, it’s essential to consider ways to simplify Salesforce screens for your end users. Doing so can improve user adoption and data quality and streamline the workflow for everyone on the team who uses Salesforce.

We hope you found this information helpful.

If so, please share it online with other Salesforce admins who may find it helpful. Thank you for reading!


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