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Top Data Enrichment Tools for Salesforce in 2023: Enhancing Customer Insights and Sales Efforts

Data Enrichment Tools For Salesforce

Are you looking for ways to improve the management and accuracy of your Salesforce records in 2023?

Data enrichment is a vital component of any good sales strategy.

If you’re an Admin, it can be difficult to keep on top of all the new customer data available and ensure it’s accurate in Salesforce.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite data enrichment tools for Salesforce Admins in 2023!

Read on to discover the best solutions that will help streamline your data intake process, improve accuracy, and allow for more efficient decision-making.

What Is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a process used to enhance data accuracy and quality within a Sales team that uses Salesforce as its CRM. It involves supplementing existing customer or prospect data with additional facts, insights, and attributes from outside sources. This gives sales teams a better understanding of their prospects and customers, giving them the depth of insight they need to reach out to them more effectively and generate more leads.

One of the most significant benefits of data enrichment is more accurate contact information. By using external databases and web scraping tools, sales teams can fill in any gaps in their contact list by automatically appending missing phone numbers, emails, job titles, addresses, etc. Data enrichment also helps teams target the right people with relevant content – providing an improved customer experience while increasing lead conversion rates simultaneously.

Accurately identifying customer locations is another significant benefit of data enrichment. With detailed geographic profiles based on the IP address or postal code lookup technologies, sales teams can segment their contacts geographically and craft personalized messages that resonate with each target audience’s local preferences – significantly increasing engagement levels.

Finally, data enrichment offers an improved platform for lead scoring models by allowing sales teams to rank leads according to their interests, behaviors, buying habits, online activity, etc., enabling faster follow-up times and higher win rates overall.

In summary, data enrichment enables sales teams to maximize the value of their CRM investments by providing greater visibility into prospects’ needs and preferences – helping them generate better leads in less time while offering superior customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Which Critical Features Should You Look for When Considering a Data Enrichment Tool?

Automated data matching

A data enrichment tool that can automatically match records from multiple sources, such as Salesforce and external data sources, can be invaluable for a Sales team that uses Salesforce as their primary customer relationship management (CRM) system. Automatically matching records allows the team to detect duplicate information, reduce manual effort, and ensure data accuracy and consistency across the board.

Improved segmentation capabilities

A data enrichment tool can help Sales teams better segment their customers based on past buying patterns, geography, demographics, or other criteria. This helps target specific segments of customers with more relevant offers and messages – leading to improved customer retention and higher sales revenues over time. 



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Enhanced targeted outreach

A data enrichment tool can quickly provide a wealth of customer insights that can be used for targeted outreach campaigns to boost sales leads and engagement rates with potential clients – helping the team reach more people with fewer resources. Additionally, a data enrichment tool helps ensure quick follow-ups with each potential client before they move on to another opportunity or supplier – reinforcing relationships with existing customers while also expanding the team’s reach into new markets or industries. 

Streamlined interactions with Salesforce

An integrated data enrichment tool makes it easier for Sales teams to access up-to-date customer information within Salesforce – helping them save time on tedious tasks such as tracking down contact info or discovering marketing trends associated with critical demographics or industry trends. This streamlined process requires less manual effort to keep track of essential customer details while freeing up resources for more productive activities such as lead generation or qualification efforts geared towards increasing sales conversions over time.

Who Can Benefit Most From Using a Data Enrichment Tool in Salesforce?

Any organization that relies on accurate data within Salesforce can use data enrichment tools to make decisions and take action. Sales, marketing, customer support teams, and senior leadership all depend on the accuracy of the data in Salesforce to drive their success. With a data enrichment tool, they can access comprehensive customer and prospect information to ensure better-informed decisions.


Executives need accurate data to help guide their strategies and plans for growth. They need the most up-to-date information about customers and prospects to set achievable goals and make smart investments. Data enrichment tools allow executives to access more profound insights about their customers, giving them a better understanding of their target audience. This data can then be used to create more effective campaigns and reach more potential customers.

Sales professionals

Sales professionals use up-to-date customer information to develop targeted strategies for reaching customers or closing deals quickly. With a data enrichment tool, sales reps can access complete contact information and social media profiles to tailor each pitch according to the individual’s background. This helps them close more deals in less time while providing an opportunity for stronger relationship-building with their prospects and customers.

Marketing teams

Marketing teams rely on accurate customer data to craft compelling messages that appeal to the right people at the right time. Data enrichment tools allow marketers to understand better who their target audience is so they can create campaigns tailored specifically for them. They also have access to demographic information that gives them valuable insights into how best to reach potential customers across multiple channels.

Customer support teams

Finally, customer support teams need access to accurate customer data to keep track of service requests, issue resolutions, product returns, etc. A data enrichment tool allows these teams to stay organized by having all the necessary details at hand when responding to inquiries or resolving issues quickly and efficiently. This ensures improved overall satisfaction with your services among your existing client base and those potentially looking into using your services in the future.

In summary, anyone within an organization that relies on accurate data in Salesforce can benefit from using a data enrichment tool – from sales reps closing more deals faster, marketing teams crafting campaigns tailored specifically for their target audiences, executives setting achievable goals based on reliable insights, and customer support personnel leading fast resolutions – everyone involved has something positive gain from this invaluable technology solution!

Common Problems That Data Enrichment Tools Can Solve for Companies Relying on Salesforce as Their CRM

Streamline data entry

Data enrichment tools can aid sales, marketing, and customer support teams by automating much of the data entry process. Instead of manually entering customer information into Salesforce when customers contact them, data enrichment tools can quickly fill in missing or incomplete fields from reliable external sources, making it easier to keep records up-to-date and accurate.

Increase lead generation efficiency

Organizations can improve their lead scoring and qualification processes by leveraging reliable external sources to enrich customer profiles with detailed demographic data. This allows them to prioritize better prospects and focus their attention on leads that are more likely to convert. 

Support more complex segmentation

With comprehensive customer profiles made possible by data enrichment tools, organizations can create more sophisticated segmentation strategies for their campaigns. They can target customers by age, location, income level, and other attributes to ensure they’re reaching the right audiences with relevant messaging. 

Enhance customer profiles

Organizations using Salesforce as their CRM need a complete picture of each customer to provide personalized service and experiences. Access to reliable external sources helps enrich every profile with detailed details on past purchases, interests, lifestyle choices, etc., giving companies more significant insights into who their customers are to better serve them in the future. 

Improve campaign performance

With enriched customer profiles, sales teams have the knowledge needed to build targeted campaigns that speak directly to their audience’s needs and wants — ensuring greater success rates for any promotional effort that requires personalization, such as email marketing or account-based marketing (ABM). 

Ensure Data Quality & Integrity

Keeping track of clean data is critical for any organization relying on Salesforce as its CRM system; otherwise, costly mistakes could be made due to outdated or inaccurate information being used in decision-making processes — ones that could have been easily avoided with a robust data enrichment platform in place verifying incoming entries against reliable external sources before they enter the system.

Which Data Enrichment Tools Should You Consider?

Ready to take your Salesforce instance from good to great?

Check out these popular data enrichment options – they could be the perfect fit for you!

Top Data Enrichment Tools For Salesforce 2023


Pricing: Starts at $1,000/month

Take your Salesforce pipeline to the next level with Cognism. With access to a global database featuring 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies, you can hone in on target audiences of more than 160 thousand organizations that use Salesforce. This means it’s now easy to create an ideal customer profile and add these as leads and contacts directly into your very own version of Salesforce!

With Cognism, you can unleash the potential of your sales processes. Let event-based triggers show when it’s time for action to ensure more opportunities don’t go unnoticed! Leverage existing Salesforce data and inject new leads into revenue-generating workflows – watch as conversions skyrocket faster than ever before.

Unlock the power of high-quality data with Cognism. Get access to reliable B2B information gathered from safe and secure sources worldwide – all without tedious manual labor thanks to automated enrichment!

Top Data Enrichment Tools For Salesforce 2023


Pricing: Starts at $875/month

Informatica offers a comprehensive solution to optimize your Salesforce investment and restore confidence in your data. Merge, fix, and de-duplicate record volumes of customers into one synchronized global view within multiple Salesforce orgs – all in an easy process!

Informatica provides a comprehensive look into the intricate relationships between accounts and customers for better understanding. It allows you to create hierarchical structures according to regional, sales-related, or other relevant criteria so that reports can be generated quickly with precise insights.

With Informatica, you can easily keep your customer data accurate and up to date! You can eliminate many administration headaches thanks to integrated data quality, global contact verification & validation services, and 3rd party enrichment capabilities.

Top Data Enrichment Tools For Salesforce 2023


Pricing: Starts at $15,995/year

ZoomInfo provides a powerful way to enhance your searches and access the most valuable contacts for your pipeline. With Salesforce data integration, you can draw from any of its objects and add features such as Account Owner, email opt-out details, and custom fields – all tailored to find what you need quickly!

ZoomInfo enables the effortless enrichment of your Salesforce data with essential contact insights! Quickly add verified email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, and intent signals to skyrocket the power of your records. Plus, gain a comprehensive overview of tech stacks for leads, contacts, and companies – all within one platform.

ZoomInfo has revolutionized how sales teams can prospect without leaving their Salesforce platform. With its installed package and embedded features directly within Salesforce, users now have access to robust business-specific data combined with ZoomInfo’s superior contact, company, and intent information – streamlining how they find success even further!

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