How to Demonstrate Your Value as a Salesforce Admin

Demonstrate Your Value as a Salesforce Admin

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Deborah has been a Salesforce Admin at Creative Candy, Inc. for some time. While she enjoyed the job and was very good at it, she felt no one recognized her hard work or appreciated the value she brought to the organization. She was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with her career trajectory – how could she progress in her role if no one noticed what she did? 

One day Deborah decided to take matters into her own hands and started searching online for ways to demonstrate her worth as a Salesforce Admin. After hours of research, Deborah stumbled upon an article about using metrics to illustrate productivity gains from Salesforce implementation projects. This gave Deborah an idea: what if I used this method to get my contributions noticed by senior management? 

Eagerly, Deborah began collecting data on all the projects she had worked on since joining Creative Candy and began creating reports showcasing efficiency improvements made through improved system utilization thanks to her implementation. When these reports were shown off during the next meeting with senior management, everyone was impressed by how much more productive they had become due to Deborah’s efforts! 

Soon after, not only did Deborah start getting recognition from within Creative Candy, but she also received promotions and salary increases as well! Finally, her hard work paid off and proved just how invaluable a resource she was!


As a Salesforce Admin, you know success comes from doing the job well and developing your skills. But how can you leverage those skill sets for career success?

A crucial part of this process involves effectively demonstrating the value you bring as a Salesforce Admin. This concept can feel daunting, but with the proper knowledge and approach, this crucial step toward long-term career fulfillment is within reach!

Let’s dive in together so that you have all the tools necessary to become an indispensable Salesforce Admin at your workplace – or better yet, land that dream admin position!

The Salesforce Admin Role

The Salesforce Admin role is a critical and vital position within an organization. A Salesforce Administrator is responsible for managing, maintaining, customizing, and growth of Salesforce applications. They must be familiar with the various features of Salesforce, including configuration, automation, data integration, workflow/processes, and reporting. As such, they are expected to ensure that different organizational departments can efficiently access accurate data. The Salesforce Admin has a crucial role in troubleshooting any issues with Salesforce applications and creating solutions to improve the user experience.

In addition to the technical aspects of their job, a Salesforce Admin is also responsible for helping other departments use the system effectively. This includes providing training on navigating through different system levels and explaining how best to use its features. It also involves performing regular reviews of system usage and offering suggestions on optimizing utilization. Further, they are expected to keep up with new product releases and industry trends and recommend solutions accordingly. 



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What Value Do Salesforce Admins Bring to the Table

Salesforce Admins bring unique skills to the table that make them precious assets to any organization. Not only do they have expertise in the Salesforce platform, but they also have experience in project management and problem-solving, which allows them to quickly identify areas of improvement and take action to implement solutions. 

Salesforce Admins Are Invaluable to an Organization

Salesforce Admins are invaluable to an organization as they manage and configure the CRM system. They play a critical role in ensuring that the system is set up correctly and that users have the necessary permissions to access the data they need. 

Salesforce Admins Save Organizations Time and Money

Salesforce Admins save organizations time and money by automating repetitive tasks and processes. For example, they can create workflow rules that automatically send emails or create tasks when certain conditions are met. Additionally, Salesforce Admins can use the data in Salesforce to generate custom reports and dashboards that provide insights into an organization’s sales, customers, and operations.

Salesforce Admins Increase User Adoption

Salesforce Admins increase user adoption by providing training and support to users. They also develop custom reports and dashboards that help users to understand their data better. Additionally, Salesforce Admins can create workflow rules and approval processes that make it easier for users to complete tasks in Salesforce.

Salesforce Admins Improve Data Quality

Salesforce Admins improve data quality by cleansing and de-duping data and creating validation rules to ensure that data is entered correctly. They also develop custom reports and dashboards that help identify trends and patterns in data. Additionally, Salesforce Admins can create automation elements that automatically update or delete data based on certain conditions.

Salesforce Admins Enhance Business Processes

Salesforce Admins enhance business processes by automating repetitive tasks and processes. For example, they can create workflow rules that automatically send emails or create tasks when certain conditions are met. Additionally, Salesforce Admins can use the data in Salesforce to generate custom reports and dashboards that provide insights into an organization’s sales, customers, and operations

Salesforce Admins Train Users

All users must be appropriately trained to use Salesforce to make the most of its features. Salesforce Admins are crucial in training new users and teaching them how to use the platform effectively.

Salesforce Admins Provide Support

If users have any problems or questions, they know they can rely on the Salesforce Admin for help. The Admin’s job is to ensure that all users can use Salesforce successfully and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Salesforce Admins Stay Up to Date With the Latest Features

Salesforce is constantly evolving and releasing new features, so Admins must stay updated with the latest developments. This way, they can ensure that their company makes the most of all the latest Salesforce features.

Salesforce Admins Develop Custom Applications

Companies may need a custom application built on Salesforce to meet their specific needs. Salesforce Admins have the skills and knowledge necessary to develop these custom applications.

Salesforce Admins Contribute to a Positive Work Environment

Lastly, Salesforce Admins contribute to a positive work environment by being friendly and helpful toward other users. Their positive attitude and willingness to help others make them an asset to any company.

How to Demonstrate Your Value as a Salesforce Admin

As a Salesforce Admin, it’s crucial to not only understand the basics of the platform but also be able to demonstrate your value to the company. By showing how you’ve improved productivity, efficiency, and ROI, you can prove your worth and make yourself an invaluable asset that every organization needs. 

Become a Trusted Advisor

One of the best ways to demonstrate your value as a Salesforce Admin is to become a trusted advisor to your users. You must proactively offer advice and guidance on how they can use Salesforce to improve their workflows and increase productivity. To do this, you need to have a deep understanding of how your users work and what their specific needs are. Additionally, you need to be up-to-date on the latest Salesforce features and how they can be used to benefit your users.

Become an Expert in the Salesforce Platform

To demonstrate your value as a Salesforce admin, you must become an expert in the Salesforce platform. Take the time to learn all the features and functionality that Salesforce offers. Become familiar with object types, record types, page layouts, and workflow rules. The more you know about Salesforce, the more valuable you will be to your organization.

Understand Your Business’s Processes

You must understand how your business operates to be a successful Salesforce Admin. What are the key sales processes that need to be tracked in Salesforce? What are the most critical data points that need to be captured? By understanding your business’s processes, you can ensure that Salesforce is being used effectively to support those processes.

Configure Salesforce to Meet Your Business’s Needs

Once you understand your business’s processes, you can configure Salesforce to meet those needs. This may involve creating custom objects and fields, setting up record types and page layouts, or creating workflow rules and approval processes. By configuring Salesforce specifically for your business, you can make it an indispensable tool for your organization.

Train Your Users on How to Use Salesforce

To get the most out of Salesforce, users must receive proper training on how to use it. As a Salesforce admin, you will be responsible for developing training materials and delivering training sessions on how to use Salesforce effectively. You should also create user manuals or help documents that users can reference when they have questions about using Salesforce.

Provide On-Going Support for Your Users

It’s not enough to train your users on how to use Salesforce – you also need to provide ongoing support. This may involve answering questions about using specific features, troubleshooting errors, or helping users with data entry or reporting issues. By providing ongoing support for your users, you can ensure that they can use Salesforce effectively daily.

Monitor Usage and Performance

As a Salesforce Admin, it will also be your responsibility to monitor usage and performance within Salesforce to identify any issues that may arise. This may involve running reports on user activity, tracking system performance metrics, or reviewing error logs. By monitoring usage and performance regularly, you can prevent problems before they occur and keep your system running smoothly.

Be Proactive in Solving Problems

Another way to demonstrate your value as a Salesforce admin is by proactively solving problems. This means you take the initiative in identifying issues and finding solutions rather than waiting for someone to come to you with a problem. For example, if you notice that a particular workflow is not efficient, you should take steps to redesign it so that it is more user-friendly. Additionally, if you are aware of a new Salesforce feature that could benefit your users, you should reach out to them and explain how it can be used to improve their workflows.

Be Responsive to User Needs

In addition to being proactive in solving problems, it is also crucial that you be responsive to user needs. You must respond quickly and effectively when users contact you with questions or problems. Additionally, you must keep users updated on any changes or updates made to Salesforce so they can be prepared for them ahead of time.

Keep Up With the Latest Salesforce Features and Updates

One of the best ways to demonstrate your value as a Salesforce admin is to keep up with the latest Salesforce features and updates. This means that you are always aware of what’s new in Salesforce and how it can benefit your users. Additionally, you must have a good understanding of the features coming down the pipeline so that you can provide input on how they can be used to improve your company’s workflows.

Troubleshoot Issues Quickly and Effectively

When issues arise, it is essential that you can troubleshoot them quickly and effectively to minimize disruption for users. This means understanding how Salesforce works under the hood so that you can identify where the issue lies and take steps to fix it quickly. Additionally, it is helpful if you have access to other resources that can assist you in troubleshooting issues.



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Tips for Maintaining and Increasing Your Value as a Salesforce Admin

Train for Soft Skills

While technical skills are essential for Salesforce Admins, having a solid foundation of soft skills will help set you apart from your peers. Make sure to invest time in honing your communication, collaboration, and customer service skills to become a more valuable asset for your organization.

Improve Efficiency Through Automation

There are countless opportunities to automate tedious and mundane tasks on the Salesforce platform that can save administrators time and improve efficiency. Always be on the lookout for new ways to streamline processes using automation.

Understand Your Audience

As a Salesforce Admin, it is essential to understand who they are serving and what they need from them to provide the most value. By doing this, an admin can better anticipate customer needs and tailor their approach accordingly.

The Salesforce platform continues to evolve with new features and updates released regularly. To maximize your value as an Admin, stay up-to-date with changes to take advantage of new features and ensure that your users get the best experience possible from their systems. 

Participate in Professional Networking Events & Communities

It pays off in the long run for admins to participate in professional networking events like user groups or online communities such as the Trailblazer Community, where they can learn tips and tricks from peers, network with fellow admins, find mentorships, join forces for projects, collaborate with other experts on problem-solving, discover new job opportunities, etc.

Participating in these events exposes you to valuable resources and increases your visibility within the industry, which can help you find better jobs or opportunities down the road!

Wrapping Up

You work hard as a Salesforce Admin, but sometimes getting the recognition you deserve from your company can be tough.

By following the tips in this blog post, you can demonstrate the value you bring to the organization and position yourself for career success.

If you put in the extra effort to show how essential you are to the running of your company, you are more likely to get promoted and given additional responsibilities.

Did you find this article helpful? Be sure to share it online with other Salesforce Admins who might need the inspiration to demonstrate their value within their organization.


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