Learn why Salesforce Admins are switching to a document automation solution like Conga Composer in order to achieve automated efficiency. This blog post covers the 80/20 rule and how it can help you streamline processes, reduce errors, and focus on high-impact tasks.

Why Salesforce Admins Are Switching to Conga Composer

How to Implement the 80/20 Rule in Your Salesforce Operations Jump Ahead:IntroductionThe Pain Points of Manual ProcessesTime-Consuming TasksThe Cost of InefficiencyThe Human Error FactorThe 80/20 Rule UnveiledWhat is the 80/20 Rule?How it Applies to Salesforce OperationsReal-world Success Story: Neshama Funeral HomeWhy Conga Composer is the SolutionAutomated Efficiency and ConsistencyCost SavingsEnhanced AccuracyHow to Make the SwitchAssessing…

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Unlock the mystery behind low Salesforce user adoption rates, investigate why, and unravel effective strategies to boost engagement. 

Salesforce: Why User Adoption Is Low and What You Can Do About It

Jump Ahead:IntroductionUnveiling the Mystery: Reasons for Low Salesforce User Adoption1. The Labyrinth of ComplexityThe Problem of ComplexityResolve Complexity Through TrainingSimplification of the Salesforce UI to Remove Complexity2. Training Deficits: The Missing LinkThe Problem of No End User TrainingOngoing Training to the RescueGamification as an Element of Training3. Ineffective Change ManagementThe Problem of Stubborn UsersAddressing Change…

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Join us for a comedic journey into the future! Discover how Apple Vision Pro can be used in Salesforce and explore some funny scenarios that may come out of it.

Apple Vision Pro Meets Salesforce: A Hilarious Journey Into the Future

Are you a Salesforce Admin? Brace yourself. Apple’s new product might make your job even more exhilarating! Apple, renowned for its innovation and style, has dropped a new bombshell into the tech world: the Apple Vision Pro. Unveiled at the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, this ‘spatial computer’ marks a new technological frontier. https://youtu.be/OFvXuyITwBI But what…

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Learn how to create training materials that users actually want to use and increase user adoption with engaging, interactive content.

Forget the Features: Create Training Materials that Users Actually Want to Use

Introduction As a Salesforce Admin, you’re probably well aware of all the amazing features your organization’s Salesforce implementation has to offer—and likely have encountered users who just never seem to get the hang of using them. Jump Ahead:IntroductionThe Shift Towards User-CentricityUser Adoption: More Than Just UsageWhy Should We Prioritize User Adoption?Shifting the Paradigm: From Features…

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Are you a Salesforce Administrator looking for the best practices in creating effective User Acceptance Testing (UAT) test cases? Check out this guide to help you ensure smooth project deployments, improve user experience and streamline development.

Your UAT Test Cases Suck: A No-Nonsense Guide to Mastering Salesforce Projects

Jump Ahead:IntroductionDefine Your Requirements1. Be Clear and Concise:2. Prioritize Critical Areas:3. Consider Real-World Scenarios:4. Get Feedback From the Project Team:Test Your ScenariosGather Input From End-Users:Use a Structured Approach:Cover All Possible Use Cases:Assign Ownership and Deadlines:Create a Testing PlanIdentify the Requirements and Test Scenarios:Define Your Testing Strategy:Identify the Stakeholders:Schedule Testing Activities:Define Your Testing Scope:Create Testing Scenarios:Prioritize…

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Learn essential skills, techniques, and strategies to master the art of crafting effective communication updates as a Salesforce Admin.

The Write Stuff: Mastering Communication Updates as a Salesforce Admin

Jump Ahead:IntroductionImportance of Effective Written Communication for Salesforce AdminsBenefits of Crafting Impactful UpdatesUnderstanding the AudienceIdentifying the Different Stakeholders Within the OrganizationAnalyzing Their Communication Preferences and NeedsProject UpdatesClear and Concise Project SummaryHighlighting Key Milestones and AchievementsAddressing Challenges and Providing SolutionsUtilizing Visual Aids to Enhance UnderstandingInteracting With End-UsersUsing User-Friendly Language and Avoiding Technical JargonAddressing User Concerns and…

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