Why every Salesforce Admin Should Learn Lightning Experience


Q: I’m a Salesforce Admin working in at a company that’s still on Salesforce Classic. For various (political) reasons, it doesn’t look like we’ll be moving over to Lightning Experience anytime soon. Should I even bother trying to learn Lightning Experience, when no one at my company seems to care about it?

A: OMG….Yes! While it might seem like a huge waste of time, any Salesforce Admin who cares about job security should focus their time and attention on just one thing: learning Lightning Experience. Here’s why:

Any organization that’s been using Salesforce for the last 5, 10 or 20 years has been using Salesforce Classic (of course, they have…Lightning Experience only came out a few years ago!). While these organizations may have invested significant money, time and other resources in customizing Salesforce Classic to suit their needs – they will not be able to ignore Lightning Experience for much longer.

Why? Because with each seasonal release, Salesforce introduces tons of new features that are available only in Lightning Experience. The same holds true for many of the 3rd party apps available on the AppExchange. The cool new features that everyone wants are typically only available in Lightning Experience.

It’s as if you’re working with an old rotary phone. That rotary phone still works. It’s reliable, and nothing has changed. You can continue using that rotary phone until the end of time.

Imagine you’re paying for use of the rotary phone, but it now also comes with a smartphone and all the new features of the smartphone.

Eventually, someone in senior leadership will cave in. They will make the executive decision that it’s time to move from Classic to Lightning Experience.

Where does that leave you?

If you’ve had no training or exposure to anything in Lightning Experience…you can’t reasonably take on a leadership role with this project. Instead, senior management will look for other resources (either internal or external) to help the company migrate from Classic to Lightning Experience.

This could also open the door to someone else displacing you at your current job.

I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

Instead, my recommendation is that you take control of your destiny, your career and job security. Do a simple Google search and query for open Salesforce Admin jobs in your area and you will see a tremendous need in the Salesforce ecosystem for people that have hands on experience with Lightning.


Just because your current job isn’t interested in Lightning Experience, doesn’t mean that you can’t learn it, gain some hands on expertise by using it and then start showcasing your new skills at work.

Trailhead contains tons of free content to learn Lightning Experience. Simply create a free Salesforce Developer account, leverage the content on Trailhead and start rolling up your sleeves to learn Lightning Experience at your own pace.

If you feel that the Trailhead content is overwhelming (or you just aren’t that self-disciplined to do it on your own), then you might want to check out this upcoming online bootcamp that I’m offering. (Early bird discount ends Feb 18, 2019!) In this course, I will leverage Trailhead as the “digital textbook” while explaining, teaching and showing you how to use all of the core features you need to know about when migrating an organization from Classic to Lightning Experience.

Once you learn Lightning Experience, you might start to re-evaluate your current position and consider exploring a new role where you can really spread your wings, and show off your new super powers!

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