Uncover How Nonprofits Eliminate Manual Data Entry to Salesforce

If you’re in a nonprofit, chances are that your organization needs to capture:

  • online donations;
  • new volunteer signups;
  • event registrations;
  • inquiries from website visitors;
    …and more.

While Salesforce (out of the box) provides some basic, fundamental ways to capture new leads and new cases – this functionality is usually not enough to meet the needs of the typical nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit organizations who want to eliminate those inefficiencies, eradicate the busy-work and put and end to the cutting and pasting…are using an incredibly powerful and affordable third-party app called FormTitan to:

  • take in donations from the web;
  • have volunteers sign up for specific upcoming programs;
  • collect RSVPs for upcoming events;
    …and more

Let’s learn how this works…

The Problem:

Existing web forms – Most organizations have a “Contact Us” form on their website. Some nonprofits also have web forms to capture:

  • donations
  • new potential volunteers
  • RSVPs for upcoming events
  • newsletter subscriptions
  • …and more.

What usually happens when those forms are filled out? Well…I’ve seen many organizations where those web forms simply get submitted as emails, sent to a mailbox that is only occasionally monitored, and every once in a while someone on the team looks at the email account to either forward those messages to other team members, or cut and paste the details into a spreadsheet, or into a new record in Salesforce.

Existing spreadsheets – Sometimes organizations capture details directly on a spreadsheet at the time of a triggering event (like registering attendees to a fundraising gala, or logging a new donation coming in through the phone, or mail, or in person). In reality, this often feels like the easiest and most practical way to log those details without the burden of logging into Salesforce, finding the appropriate record, and then creating a new Opportunity, or Campaign Member record.

Existing paper forms – All too often, even with the best of intentions, there are valid reasons why some information is captured on a paper form, which then needs to get manually typed into….a spreadsheet or Salesforce. Hey, we’ve all been there, where we visit an organization…to sign up as a volunteer or take a tour of the facility, and we’re handed a clipboard with a paper form to fill out.

What happens after that form is filled out and handed back to the person at the front desk?

Usually it sits in a bin…perhaps some additional notes are handwritten on that form…and it waits…and waits…and waits for someone to digitize the information on that form…to later enter it into Salesforce or an Excel spreadsheet.

The Solution:

Existing web forms – With FormTitan, those web forms can feed directly into Salesforce (while instantly sending off alerts, assigning the new entry to the appropriate team member) instead of sitting in someone’s inbox, waiting for someone to cut and paste the details into Salesforce.

Although the native Salesforce web-to-lead functionality or web-to-case functionality can only create new records (even if the person already exists in Salesforce), with FormTitan, the web submission would update your existing record for that person.

Also – FormTitan can instantly create the new donation entry, while processing the credit card payment through your existing credit card processor.

If your web form is capturing event reservations, FormTitan can update or add the new contact, while also instantly adding them to the Salesforce campaign.

In addition, using Salesforce automation, you can have a library of various email templates on hand…and depending on the specific use case, the appropriate email template can get auto-populated and immediately sent to the person who submitted the web form, so that they get an immediate confirmation/receipt/acknowledgement of their web submission.

…all without any manual intervention!

Existing spreadsheets – When someone stops by or calls into the office to provide a donation, instead of pulling up a spreadsheet, we can design a simple FormTitan form allowing you to enter the new donation with the fewest clicks, while immediately submitting the entry into Salesforce.

Again, using Salesforce automation, the appropriate email confirmation/receipt/acknowledgement template can get auto-populated and immediately sent to the donor…while you are still chatting with them!

When people are walking in to attend an event (like a dinner or gala), you can have an iPad at the check-in table, (similar to self-check-in at the airport) allowing them to enter their own details, while also updating their own contact information (confirming, reviewing the spelling of their name, address, phone #, email address) and their details are updated immediately in Salesforce, while also printing their name badge.

This way, the campaign details are instantly updated, and your organization can immediately track event attendance metrics, while also sending a confirmation/thank you email to the attendees, if you desire.

Existing paper forms – When someone walks into the office, instead of handing them a clipboard with a paper form, you can simply hand them an iPad (or have one fixed to a stand, like a self-check-in kiosk at the airport), allowing them to enter their own details digitally, instead of on paper.

This eliminates the paper bins, the clutter, the frustration and the lost pieces of information, while also allowing anyone on the team to instantly see those records in Salesforce, assign them to the appropriate team members, and update those records with your own notes, tasks and follow up items.

How You Can Bridge the Gap:

FormTitan is an easy, powerful and flexible form tool that works seamlessly with Salesforce, allowing you to either:

  • push information from the form into Salesforce; or
  • pull information from Salesforce into your form.

This combination allows you to use FormTitan in many different scenarios without requiring people to log into Salesforce.

Check out this video to see more examples of how nonprofits are using FormTitan to simplify data entry into Salesforce:

Ready to learn more about FormTitan? Click here to request an online demo.

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